Commission Policy

If you are looking to list your home or property with The Cascade Team Real Estate, please review the following compensation policies: 

There is a minimum $5,000 listing compensation for all residential and condo sales. The minimum compensation may vary by the individual Broker, market area or price point. Contact your Cascade Team broker for more information. 

Compensation may be higher for the following transactions due to complexity, length of time, and/or referral fees paid to third parties: 

· Land 

· Mobile Homes 

· Short Sales 

· Banked Owned or REO 

· Relocation Companies, or any other Third Party that includes referral fees 

If you receive a credit from the buying broker, it must be fully disclosed on the closing statement and approved by the lender. No buyer credits will be issued outside of closing as this is a RESPA violation and punishable by prison time. Any credit not used and approved by the lender for inclusion on the HUD is considered forfeited.  

Certain other conditions may apply. 

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact one of our brokers or branch managers