Wonderful Testimonial for Rob Darling

Posted by The Cascade Team Real Estate on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 at 4:57pm

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See this wonderful testimonial for Rob Darling!

Way to go, Rob!

Good Morning Cascade Team;
Today, we close!
We have had the distinct and comforting pleasure of working with Rob Darling since the fortuitous moment we happened to meet him on Thanksgiving Day 2014.  We were looking at a flyer in front of a home in Gig Harbor, WA; a home that was for sale in a neighborhood that seemed perfect but the home was out of our price range.  He stopped and said he can help; he knows the neighborhood, knows Gig Harbor and knows the area.  And with no pressure, no expectations; he handed us his card.  The perfect realtor for us.  He didn’t call unnecessarily but was immediately responsive to our calls.
We are older picky buyers.  I can’t apologize for that because we’ve had just the right amount of time on earth to travel a variety of paths and come to where we want to be, looking for exactly what we want.  And we hadn’t been in a hurry.  We have been living in our RV and have been situated comfortably.  We wanted a home that has light and flow and space and is unique.  It has to be in our price range.  It has to have a lovely, safe neighborhood.  And we love water.  “If you’re not on water, you’re not on water” is and was and has been our home-search mantra.  Rob never flinched.  In a way we’ve never experienced with a realtor, he just understood.
We’d been looking for so long that there did come a point where we felt desperate to find anything workable, including areas and homes outside of our comfort and financial limits.  Rob never flinched.  He presented us with homes that met our parameters and showed us homes that he knew weren’t quite right for us because we asked to see them before doing our own due diligence.
We looked for months, we made a number of (as I realize now) low-ball offers.  Rob never flinched.  He simply said “the right home is out there.”
Rob, through months of questions and concerns and showings on our part, never flinched.  He educated us on both the loan and buying process.  He patiently sent us listings, showed us listings, educated us about areas that fit our dreams and held our hands with no immediate expectation or knowledge of any gain to himself.
Now, it would be easy to say that’s what a buyer’s realtor is supposed to do but I need to remind you that we are both picky and not wealthy.  And we wanted and needed to find home.  And we wanted water and a unique home and at the right price and in the Gig Harbor area and within commuting distance to work.  And the right home had to have a great kitchen and a place for my brother during those long Alaska winters and a place for a friend who struggles through cancer.  Rob never flinched.
And after months, we found home.  We had driven by and Rob had shown it.  We drove by again…and again…and again…and then Rob showed it again.  And in the way finding home happens, we landed.
And Rob had already connected us with a lender, was staying on top of our needs and dreams and was quintessentially patient and forthcoming and accommodating and professional.  “We can take care of the details, you do what’s important” became the words we trusted implicitly.
Rob Darling is more than a realtor, more than a guidance counselor, more than a good person, he has become a friend. 
The Cascade Team is fortunate having Rob but the buyers and sellers Rob represents truly benefit the most by his expertise, his professionalism, and his insight.
And that smile on his card.  It’s real.


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