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Posted by on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 at 10:38am

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The SAY YES Moment

Maybe it was a dress, marriage proposal, new pet, or ... your new home! But what makes that one special and unique?

What makes you say, "YES!"?

In order to stay on top of a very fast-paced market, I have been touring several homes (generally multiple homes per day). While there are things I love about each home, I absolutely fell in LOVE with two specific homes this week. The curious part is that both homes were VERY different from one another.

  • The first one was very updated, staged, and included many Pinterest-worthy features. It had an amazing yard and great space both indoors and outdoors.
  • The second one still included its original 1990's features and thoughtfully displayed generations of love, family, and decor throughout the house. It had great space indoors, a beautiful deck, and some yard-space. It was one of those places that felt like home as soon as you walk in the door.

I was genuinely surprised that I could absolutely fall in love with two very different homes and it got me thinking... What makes us fall in love with a home? Can more than one be the one?

As much as I hate to make it as simple as a cliche, it's true: Home is where the heart is

We fall in love with the homes that capture our hearts by genuinely picturing our lives being lived in them. The gatherings. Our loved ones. Friends. Family. Relaxing. Serene space where we can escape reality. Cooking. Breaking bread together. Entertaining (yes, we will eventually get to gather and entertain, again). Hosting. Decorating. Holidays. And yes... even quarantining, schooling, and working. 

These are the things that capture our hearts because they encompass so many of the good memories. They are the stories we tell for years (or even generations) to come. They are the moments we refer to when we say, "If only these walls could talk. The stories they would tell."

Life gets lived in real-time. There is no slowing it down. These moments, the moments that capture our hearts, are the reasons houses become homes. Imagining these moments in your future as you wander the halls and rooms of a house are exactly what make you fall truly head-over-heels for a house.

The images you picture of those moments are what make you say, "YES" to the house. 

And, yes, it can and does happen with more than one house ... sometimes (as I experienced this week) it can happen with two very different houses in two days.

Are you ready to say YES to the house?

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