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Ben Luthi

The real estate market has two opposing sides: buyers, who want to keep their costs low, and sellers, who want to maximize their profits. Depending on the inventory of available housing, one of those sides might have bigger advantages — and greater bargaining power — than the other. Understanding the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market can be tied back to one of the fundamental laws of economics: supply and demand.

What is a buyer’s market?

When there is a surplus of homes and low demand for them, you’re in a buyer’s market. Prices tend to go down in these conditions, because there’s less competition. Additionally, homes are likely to stay on the market for longer, putting pressure on sellers to

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  • Pending sales drop nearly 22% from a year-ago
  • Closings were down about 24% from a year ago
  • Economist Gardner expects prices will soften.
  • Trend toward a more balanced market.
  • Mortgage rates are at their highest level since the Great Recession, according to data released by Freddie Mac Thursday, as housing affordability continues to slump.
  • The 30-year fixed mortgage rate is now 5.89%, according to Freddie Mac, up from 5.66% last week and 2.88% at this time last year.
  • Mortgage rates are now at their highest since November 2008, when Freddie Mac reported a 6.04% 30-year rate.
  • Mortgage rates have climbed as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to tame inflation.

Surprising Fact

 The 3.01% rise in mortgage rates over the

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Real estate markets across North America have seen unprecedented sales in recent years, with some homes selling in mere hours. But for the vast majority of cities across North America real estate has cooled, and sellers are encountering more ‘traditional’ markets. For those owners looking to sell in the coming weeks or months, avoid the mistakes below when selling in a slower market.

Minimal House Prep

In recent years, it might have been easier for owners to sell with minimal house prep, but in a slower market, it can really make or break a sale, especially if inventory is high in your area. Prepping your home is a must - clear out the clutter, deep clean, and don’t be afraid of general maintenance or minor repairs/upgrades to get your home to

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What's going on? High-cost tech hubs, like San Francisco and Seattle, are getting hit hard by the tech slowdown. Not only are their high-end real estate markets more rate sensitive, but so are their tech sectors.

Back in June, Fed Chair Jerome Powell made it clear to reporters: The Pandemic Housing Boom was over. Heading forward, he said, spiked mortgage rates would push the U.S. housing market into a slowdown.

“We saw [home] prices moving up very very strongly for the last couple of years. So that changes now. And rates have moved up. We are well aware that mortgage rates have moved up a lot. And you are seeing a changing housing market. We are watching it to see what will happen. How much will it really affect residential investment? Not really

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Home values decreased for the first time in a decade, according to Zillow, and that's just one of several signs it's finally getting easier to buy a house.

The Zillow Home Value Index dropped in July for the first time since 2012, according to new data from the real estate website. The index, which uses Zillow data to measure the value of a typical home, fell 0.1% on a monthly basis.

That decrease may not seem like a lot (home values are still significantly higher than they were last year and the year before), but it’s likely a welcome relief for buyers who have been struggling in the red-hot market.

"Home values flattening so quickly after recent record growth might surprise,” Zillow Chief Economist Skylar Olsen said in a news release, “but it's

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  •          Buyer opportunities have returned to the Puget Sound market
  •          Active listings have nearly doubled from a year ago
  •          The market balance is favoring buyers
  •          “We are seeing builders moving their price points down and providing incentives to buyers in closing costs and buydowns to help     borrowers obtain lower interest rates.”
  •          Overpriced listings have missed the market.

KIRKLAND, Washington (August 4, 2022) – New statistics from Northwest Multiple Listing Service confirm reports of a shifting housing market, prompting one industry leader to suggest “all parties involved in a transaction today have to recalibrate.”

“Today’s buyers have their cups finally overflowing with options as

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Growing Number of Experts Calling for Substantial Home Price Declines

  • Significant price declines lie ahead, many experts argue.
  • Insider recently spoke with three experts calling for median home prices to fall.
  • Recession fears and rising interest rates have started to cool interest in the U.S. housing market.
  • Poor consumer sentiment implies home prices may decline this year and next.

One of the most remarkable developments in the post-pandemic economy has been the sharp rise of the housing market. Despite initial pandemic fears, people with means rushed into the real estate sector in 2020, inherently driving up home prices. The Federal Reserve also dramatically reduced benchmark interest rates, spurring acquisitiveness.


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The NW housing market is changing - while we are not near a balanced market things are looking up for buyers as the market continues to correct itself - 

Compared to a year ago, Northwest MLS (NWMLS) brokers reported:

  •          Significant jump in inventory, 
  •          Double-digit drops in both pending and closed sales
  •          And the smallest year-over-year (YOY) increase in prices since June 2020.

What the changes mean in general terms are:

  •          More houses on the market
  •          Longer market times
  •          Stabilizing home prices
  •          Fewer showings and open house visitors
  •          Fewer offers at one time
  •          And more price adjustments

KIRKLAND, Washington (July 6, 2022) – Housing

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Tomorow is the biggest party of the summer, the 4th of July.  Just about everyone will be doing something to celebrate America's birthday and most lilely this will invlove a party or BBQ at someones home.  

At Greer Real Estate we want to wish everyone a safe and fun 4th of July weekend and we want to pass along some tips for keeping your home and family safe during the celebration.

Fireworks: One of the time-honored traditions of this festive holiday is lighting off fireworks. If you will be igniting fireworks at your home make sure a responsible adult is supervising the task. Also make sure you have a fire extinguisher or hose nearby to douse any flames out and don’t light fireworks near dry grass. Never aim

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Mortgage lending took a nosedive across the U.S. in the first quarter of 2022, according to a new report from ATTOM. 

Secured mortgages fell 18% from the fourth quarter of 2021 and were down 32% from the same time last year — the biggest year-over-year drop since 2014. This marked the fourth quarterly decrease, which the data management company said was the result of “double-digit downturns in purchase and refinance activity, even as home-equity lending rose.”

Along with the 32% decline in residential mortgages, the report found the number of new loans fell for the fourth straight quarter, meanwhile refinance lending fell another 22% and purchase mortgages were down 18%. 

Mortgage rates have climbed to their highest level since 2008, pinching

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