5 Tips to Help Sell Your Home this Fall

Posted by on Friday, September 4th, 2020 at 7:45am

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Don't underestimate the power of selling your home during this fall season.

Fall can bring lower inventory than spring or summer months and more serious buyers who need to move quicker. Zillow suggests the fall selling season is between September 1st and November 30th. 

Many people love the sights and smells of fall. Things such as the crisp morning air, burning fireplaces, and the aroma of fresh baked apple or pumpkin pie, plus the smell of spices. Fall time brings a sense of comfort, love, and home to mind. 

So... if fall is the right season for you to start your selling journey here are 5 Tips to Help Sell Your Home.

  1. Fall Curb Appeal
  2. Fall Deep Cleaning
  3. Fall Maintenance
  4. Brighten and Lighten
  5. Make it Fall Cozy

When a potential buyer pulls up to the curb in front of your home the first thing you want them to do is open the door of their car and get out to see more. You want your potential buyer to be inspired by your care for the front of your homes appearance, aka, curb appeal.

If that buyer pulls up and notices a yard that is unkept, leaves piling up, a garden bed overtaken by weeds, a dirt front porch, or moss growing they may think what else is wrong here... and may even just drive away. 

Fall Curb Appeal

The perfect curb appeal starts with cutting the grass one last time prior to winter. Throw down some seed, winterize, and fertalize the yard. Prune and trees that seem to have gone wild with growth. Weed out your flower beds and toss down some fresh mulch.

Wash down sidewalks and driveways, winterize the exterior of windows and doors, wash or paint your front door, nail down any loose shingles, and give special attention to your porch by sweeping off leaves and debris and adding a new welcome mat. 

Fall Deep Cleaning

Make your spaces open and spacious. This begins with de-cluttering (removing) items that are out of place or large bulky. You want the buyer to visualize a large space for living and entertaining. 

Clean all of the walls, appliances (including inside the microwave), cabinets, baseboards, doors, sinks, countertops, and hard to reach places that seem to collect dust, like the tops of ceiling fan blades. Your home will sparkle.

Give special attention to the kitchen garbage can. This item can seem to emit smells we are accustom too but may trigger a buyers sense of smell... and not in a good way. Take that can outside and give it a thorough washing. A little Simple Green can go a long way. 

Your bathroom may be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Make sure you use some safe industrial cleaner to get rid of that mold and mildew...especially in the shower. 

Dust and polish your furniture so that it sparkles as a buyer walks through your home. 

Fall maintenance items. 

How is your HVAC system? It may be time for an inspection and cleaning. At a minimum clean or replace your filters. You may also want to have your dryer vents cleaned out if it has been a while. While you are cleaning up inside the house take time to wash your vent covers. These items may have been collecting dust bunnies. 

Fall is a great time to pest proof your home and check on insulation levels in your attic. Having the right amount of insulation can save you from losing heat. 

Walk around  your home and caulk in any cracks or gaps on your exterior siding. You should also caulk around windows and doors to stop the cold from getting into your home. 

Check for loose baseboards or door moulding and nail or re-secure them. This little trick can give a potential buyer the peace of mind that you were a good home owner who took good care of the home... and you did!

Brighten and Lighten

I can't say enough about having lots of light and working lights. As a professional photographer and real estate professional I know light helps a room feel bigger, less dingy, and warmer. During these shortened days of light from outside it is more important then ever to replace burned out light bulbs in lamps and overhead as well. 

If you have a room that seem too dark even with all the lights on you may want to consider adding a lamp in the dark corners. 

Consider your interior paint colors. If you have dark painted walls these will feel even darker in the fall months. Now may be the time to repaint a dark room to a lighter and more neutral color. Painting is the one thing that seems fairly inexpensive to do. 

Wash all windows inside and out. 

Fall Cozy

You want a buyer touring your home to get a good sense of coziness about the home. Can they imagine living and entertaining in the home?

Go ahead and add some color to your sofa with some throw pillows and maybe a decorative blanket, place and light some unscented candles to add light and present a warm feeling, and turn on or light that fireplace. 

Turn on some soft jazz at a low volume for inspiration as the buyer tours your home. You can even be baking an apple pie so that the smell are wafting into the home. Nothing says fall like warm apple pie. Yum. 

If you have pets make sure they are secure and not obtrusive to a touring buyer.

I hope you found these simple and effective tip helpful. My intent was to provide you a good starter list... a DIY approach to getting ready for selling your home this fall. 

If you would like a more comprehensive idea of what it would take to get your home ready for market this fall... let's talk.

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